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Computer Karaoke
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Aa Karaoke Search Engine
Search your kar and st3 files to midi karaoke in your computer. 7000 songs.
ABC Karaoke
Karaoke computer,Brasil music
Absolute Authority on Karaoke
Your hub site for all the best stuff on the subject of Karaoke. Get the news. Meet people with common interests. Locate Authorities. Access powerful tools.
Absolutely Karaoke
Free online karaoke. Sing songs in many categories including:the 70's, rock, pop, country, and also songs made famous by Madonna, Britney, the Back Street Boys, Shania Twain, and more.
Arturo Cid Midi Home Page
Over 800 midi files in 5 topics. Also midi karaoke files. Sites in English and Spanish. - Karaoke online
Free online karaoke. Sing songs in many categories including:the 70's, rock, pop, country, Britney, the Back Street Boys, Shania Twain, and more.
Audio production Midifiles
MIDI files. GM/GS & XG. Fully produced and licensed. Lyrics included designed for live performance.
BandLink Karaoke Player
Sing along to your favourite Karaoke stars including Britney Spears and Shania Twain on the high quality BandLink Karaoke Player.
Canta Brasil
Karaoke files (kar, st3 and midi with scrolling lyrics) - Brazilian, Latin, French, Italian and English/American songs. Also lyrics and karaoke players.
CelebrityPro's Singing with the Stars
Sing with the greatest hits of today and yesterday with streaming audio backgrounds featuring pop, rock, country, 70s and more.
Celine Dion Online Karaoke
The first Celine Dion Online-Karaoke on the net!
Chris Reed's Karaoke Home Page
Large collection of KAR files for you to sing along with through your PC.
Christine's Broadway Karaoke
Midi files of popular Broadway songs with lyrics pages so you can sing along. New songs and .kar format files are added every few weeks.
Computer Karaoke
Offers searchable listing of midi karaoke player downloads.
Country Chix Karaoke
Featuring female country karaoke music and female country singers.
David Raeburns Midi-Karaoke Collection
Here you can download over 1200 midi karaoke files in just three easy downloads. Completely free too!
Delisha's Karaoke
Delisha's Karaoke is recognized as the Net's biggest Karaoke download site. Available are free downloadable Karaoke players and alphabetic directory of Karaoke songs that will turn any PC into the coolest Karaoke machine.
Diversi-Tune Java Karaoke Applet
Diversi-Tune shows the words to a song with bouncing ball in time with the music. The program syncs to midi/kar files, or audio CDs so you can sing along with the actual recordings of you favorite artists.
DjangoPage Karaoke Brasil
This page has brasilian songs in .kar and .st3 files in karaoke format.
Download, listen and share hundreds of high-quality karaoke songs of popular artists in MIDI format for free.
Free MIDI music - HardRock Stage
Free MIDI downloads. Best Rock bands. AC/DC, Metallica, KISS, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and others.
Free PCDJ - DJ MP3 Mixing Software
DJ MP3 Mixing Software. Used by IceT on world warped tour! Free PCDJ for the home or office!
GeetNet Hindi Midi Karaoke
On-line Bouncing Ball MIDI Karaoke featuring your favorite Hindi and Tamil melodies.
Harryoke's Karaoke Website.
Harryoke's Karaoke is, as the name suggests, a website related to karaoke and in particular Harryokes website, please pop in and see what is on offer, thank you.
Hotdrunk Cyberkaraok
Sing with your friends online, make more friends, share fun and time here.
Indian And Pakistani Midi Files
Indian and Pakistani songs in midi format.
More than 1000 kar, st3, and midi files and also software to play them.
JoP'Site Karaoke
300 pages of songs, music, karaoke and tribute to artists. Streaming karaoke, songs surprise, artists links, and more.
Jpop Karaoke
Find here computer karaoke files of all your favorite Jpop artists with romanized lyrics!!
A collection of midis and lyrics for the newest songs in the music industry. Frequent updates and neatly organized!
KarAll - Multimedia midi karaoke MP3 player
KarAll transforms your computer in a professional Karaoke player. KarAll can play and organize MID KAR RMI MP3 MPG WAV AVI files and CD. Free trial!
Karaoke Boogie
Extensive collection of karaoke links including midi, kar, star3, and professional sites.
Karaoke Files
Site of Karaoke, with more than 2000 Kar and ST3 files to be downloaded. Innovations each week! Downloading of programs, a Forum of assistance and virtual greeting cards to send to your friends.
Karaoke for Free
If you have access to a computer and the Internet, then you can experience the fun of singing along to your favorite songs right from your computer... for free.
Karaoke Hits 2000
Just the latest hits in *.kar and *.mid format.
Karaoke MP3
Karaoke MP3s to download. Top quality free backing tracks. Lyrics are also here.
Karaoke Music
English, Spanish, and Portuguese karaoke music in midi and kar format. Free karaoke player.
Karaoke Of Nevada
Computer karaoke and soon CD+G karaoke. Also Bluegrass MIDI'S and information.
Karaoke Online
Tons of free music to sing along and have fun on the internet. Are you the karaoke king?
Karaoke Players
Sing some online karaoke with these java based players, RealPlayer required.
Karaoke Software
Karaoke shareware and freeware to help you sing along with your karaoke files. Programs to set up playlists, edit karaoke files, or customize a karaoke session.
Karaoke Songs!
Karaoke Songs! Learn to sing to our wide variety of karaoke songs. Record your singing online and send it in to be named Artist of the Week!
Karaoke Vision
Karaoke site with over 10.000 songs in its database, largest collection of various (MIDI, MP3, Vocal Removers, etc.) software, free Karaoke/MIDI/Lyrics links directory, karaoke forums, on-line karaoke players, monthly newsletter, Top Charts songs updated weekly and much more...
KARAOKEFUN - Online Karaoke
Sing online at KARAOKEFUN!
KaraokeKanta Karaoke's web.
Karaoke at home!!! Convert your PC in a real Karaoke. Midi and Karaoke songs.
Free karaoke and midi files - all latest midi hits.
Many zipped files, sorted by artist or genre.
Karaoke on line. Zouk midifiles. Creole songs. Carnaval with KASIKA from Capesterre Guadeloupe.
Katie's Karaoke
Have fun singing along to some of your favorite songs with my free on-line karaoke.
Kevin's MIDI Karaoke
You can sing along with onscreen lyrics to a ton of popular songs, old and new, while the background music plays!
Kool Karaoke
Over 1200 karaoke files to download free. All contained in zip files for easier download.
Lerenti Karaoke
Here you will find all the latest hits on the charts for free download.
Looney Tunes Karaoke
Sing along with Looney Tunes characters to various songs. Brought to you by Kids WB.
Midi and Karaoke Music
Midi & karaoke songs, country & western, Abba, Beatles, rock, blues, Sinatra, jazz, Queen, Oasis, Cher, Spice Girls, Madonna, pop, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, Stones, etc...
Midi Karaoke
Scrolling lyrics for IE users.
Midi Karaoke Hits
Midi Karaoke Charts, FAQ, Forum.
Midi Karaoke Music Site
Midi Karaoke and wav file music pages, free downloads.
Free download of over 1000 complete karaoke songs in MIDI format. The purpose of this site is to provide visiting music students resources for vocal technique and MIDI-sequencing interpretation and to encourage learning from the musical interpretations that have been recorded in files linked to this site.
MP3 Backing Trax
For all mp3karaoke fans. Free downloads every week (FULL songs!!!) Massive catalogue. Also customized backing tracks for pro singers/musicians.
Nou's Karaoke Corner
A site dedicated to people who love music and Karaoke!!!
Online KARAOKE - Sing for FREE
In Online KARAOKE you can sing online using our players.
Quest 30
Computer Karaoke, Feng Shui
Karaoke/Videoke/Maganda web server. Also, high definition Mp3s available on intranet.
Sing Along With Me
Fun, animated lyrics with midis for the entire family to sing along. Songs added weekly with original animations by artist. Great "Send this page to a friend" options for sharing across the internet. "Family Safe" awarded.
SongReader Web Site
Web site of this karaoke program that works with all multimedia formats (audio, video). Make your own files. With fully modificable skins & transparency option.
Find all you need to play karaoke with your computer : freewares, sharewares, songs, midi, lyrics...
Steen's Country MIDI page
Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves karaoke files.
Sweetlife Midis
Sweetlife Midi Page. .Sequenced by Wes Reed. Some oldies, Pop, and Country. Lyrics
Synctext: karaoke for MP3
Home of the Free Open Source WinAmp plug-in for adding karaoke inside MP3 files using the ID3 tags.
The Incredibly Pointless Karaoke Jukebox
Sing along to some of the world's greatest instrumentals!
The mp3 karaoke heaven
You'll find here all the latest title in mp3 karaoke files, free to download! One of the few mp3 karaoke site that offer free downloads!
The Musikman
Midi karaoke songs. Standard, country and Christmas songs.
The StillCreek Group
StillCreek for online karaoke with a real life audience all over the world! Visit the site for more information
Top Midi Sites
A collection of midi pages on the www where you can find all your favorite songs.
Uncle JD's Karaoke Bar
Karaoke tunes you can sing along with. New songs added daily. Alternative, oldies and musicals.
Video Karaoke Player
Video Karaoke Player plays video clips while displaying synchronized lyrics on PC. The program can play any video (or audio) format supported by your system (AVI, MPG, ASF, MP3, and more).
Weepie's MIDI and PlayStation Place
New MIDI files, over 400 files updated weekly!
Whiteoak Midi Studio
I have 100's of midi tracks for sale! Country, western Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospel and Big Band. If I don't have the song you want I will record it for you.
WinKaraoke Homepage
Home of WinKaraoke Player and Creator, MIDI karaoke software for Windows 95/98.
Ye Ole Karaoke Web
The place to sing and be seen.
Your Kareoke
Over 55,000+ songs in our online database, hardware, and information.
YOW* digital dj / digital media recycler
YOW* (YOWstar) is a real-time Quicktime DJ application. Instead of 2 turntables or 2 cd players and a mixer, YOW* provides 4 interactive modules of media and a unique, performance-oriented interface that lets you DJ with a macintosh computer's mouse and keyboard.

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